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How to Start a Virtual Assistant Career This Year: Pro Advice and Tips

So, you’ve finally decided to start a virtual assistant career. Maybe there were events in your life that made it necessary to earn more than your usual monthly wage.

Or maybe you felt that the allure of running a virtual assistant business was too much to continue ignoring any longer.

There are so many ways to break into the virtual assistant industry. The VA industry is welcoming but competitive, warm but demanding.

Our advice to beginners would be to dig deep and think: where did you fare best before starting your journey to becoming a new VA? Answer this question, and you can eliminate more than half of the frustrations associated with starting a new career. The goal is to get you up and running in the shortest period possible. And while you’re mulling over where you best belong in this new market, check out the following tips:

Start with the Entrepreneurial Spirit

While virtual assistants mainly provide services, this doesn’t mean you’re not running a business. What do virtual assistant services sound like if kids starting a lemonade stand are called ‘young entrepreneurs? While you are technically a freelance contractor and still running a business. Therefore, you must approach your new career not as someone’s employee but as an entrepreneur offering professional services to other businesses. The entrepreneurial mindset should also put you in the right headspace about expanding your operations. If you’re good at one thing, maybe there are other skills you can offer other entrepreneurs. What else can you provide as a brand-new virtual assistant?

Make Sure You Stand Out: Differentiate Yourself at All Times

The market for virtual assistants has multiplied over the past year. Workers left their 9-to-5s in search of more flexible schedules in fields they were genuinely interested in, contributing to this trend. There was also a historic uptick in the number of new startups and established labels in the last 12 months.

There were over 300,000 new companies established in the United States in the first three months of 2021. That number continued to rise throughout the year, with over 30,000 new companies established at the end of 2021. These job market tendencies converged when virtual assistants started looking for new businesses, such as social media, marketing, or administrative assistants.

Successful VAs will tell you that to stand out in a field where the number of virtual assistants is increasing, and it is crucial to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. For example, you can target a specific group of customers, create offerings that play to your strengths or aesthetic preferences, or offer complementary services.

Experts advise taking stock of your current abilities and those you hope to acquire when brainstorming possible services. Jobs for a virtual assistant can include anything from graphic design and social media strategy development to invoicing and customer service. A tool out there will help you deliver quality work to your customers regardless of the services you offer. Though some VAs found that investing in premium software and platforms was worthwhile, others found that they could get by just fine with free options.

Prioritize a Schedule That Works for YOU

Some have cited greater freedom as a perk of working as a virtual assistant. For example, individuals working as virtual assistants have the freedom to choose their work hours, take time off for personal obligations, and travel whenever they like. And many people enter the field of virtual assistance while also working another job.

According to many people, making a schedule that works for you is crucial in building a long-term business strategy. If you’re the type who gets up early every day, you might as well get all your work done then and have the afternoons free. Allow yourself to sleep in if you’re a night owl and get to work when you’re at your most alert.

Snag Clients Strategically

In addition, virtual assistants have the freedom to work with whichever clients and companies they prefer. People have said that social media is a fantastic place to find brands you agree with and potential customers.

Find your niche, focus on the tasks within it, and then offer your suggestions for how businesses and individuals can enhance their processes or address existing issues. For example, showing clients how your services will improve their efficiency as a business owner is the best way to win them over. Finally, another way to meet potential customers is to participate in webinars and online events hosted by companies you’d like to partner with.

Enhance Your Branding

Digital tasks, such as social media management and email marketing, are common ones for virtual assistants to take on for their clients. People said they anticipate having their curated platform, given their status as digital experts.

The virtual assistant’s online presence, be it an artistic or clean Instagram page or a TikTok account showcasing their personality and creativity, can be the key to future professional relationships.

It’s not easy to promote yourself online, but experts have shared their tried-and-true strategies, such as how to write compelling captions and which social media tools get the most likes and shares.

How Exactly Does One Benefit from A Digital Helper?

Depending on the client’s requirements and the assistant’s abilities, a virtual assistant can carry out various tasks. Typical responsibilities that a virtual assistant might take on include:

  •       Manage your inbox by responding to and sorting messages
  •       Takes and makes calls
  •       Provides customer service, including document transcription, question and order handling
  •       Places an order for anything the client needs
  •       Helps with lead generation efforts
  •       Manages tasks related to keeping financial records and making invoices
  •       Weighing prospective customers and undertakings
  •       Manages marketing and other promotions via email and social media
  •       Take charge of one’s digital identity by creating and maintaining a website, social media accounts, and expert profiles.
  •       Start keeping records
  •       Readies statements, letters, and reports.
  •       Gets your paperwork in order.
  •       Schedule meetings and consultations.
  •       Organize data in spreadsheets
  •       Examine the material and the search terms
  •       Data entry services
  •       Coordinating payrolls, timeslots, and calendars
  •       Writes for you